Saving Nuggets

Business: Chick-Fil-A

Location: 8221 Marbach Road, San Antonio, Texas 78233


Another first for our drive thru!!! A kitten got up underneath a car while ordering so some SA police officers joining us for lunch walked over and chased the kitten away only to have it run up into the engine compartment of another car further up in line. The guest alerted us that she could hear a kitten crying under her car. She pulled forward and several customers helped trying to get the kitten out but the kitten was scared and content staying put. The 6 SAPD Officers assisted once finishing their lunch. After several attempts the kitten was safely retrieved from behind the car engine. Our guest decided to keep the kitten after this hour ordeal. Unable to come up with a name I suggested “Nuggets”. Happy Nuggets now is off the streets.