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About giddyCITY!

We select businesses that go the extra mile in taking care of staff as well as customers and advertise for business members with a positive twist!  Business Memberships are offered for companies who are interested in making a positive IMPACT in their community and INSPIRE others to do the same!  Company information with a link to your website will be included in your listing on giddyCITY and special events will be showcased on our events calendar.

Our mission is to have one central site where the local world is at your fingertips while providing a place to share good news and advertising with a purpose ~ to impact & inspire!  Our positive twist will attract the business world as well as individuals who are passionate about making a difference!


Who ♥’s giddyCITY?

PEOPLE IN GENERAL! THE COMMUNITY! – You will be able to find anything and everything you could possibly look for including every category you can think of!  We will have nightlife, home improvement, shopping, restaurants, services, adventure, and even where to volunteer!  We would also LOVE to hear inspiring stories where someone has been impacted in a positive way!  Visit giddyNEWS and select giddySTORIES to share the good news!  We can’t wait to read your story!

BUSINESS OWNERS / MARKETERS – It is an honor, advantage, marketing perk, and service to be a part of giddyCITY!  The Pay It Forward Passes will create a new advertising avenue for businesses that truly care about making a difference in the community!  We will lead the business world by supporting and promoting those who make an extra effort in doing the right thing and treating employees and customers with respect!  We will go out of our way to advertise for our business members while giving them exposure in a captivating positive light!

EMPLOYEES – If you are happy with where you are working then we want to know!  If your managers or owners have gone out of their way to do something nice for you then share your story!  We would love to help them out in any way possible because we like to reward good people and businesses!  We would love to share this with everyone and recognize them for their outstanding business practices!  Visit giddyNEWS and select giddyEMPLOYEE to share your story!

CUSTOMERS – If you have encountered a great experience, awesome service, or a story worth sharing then please share with us!  As a customer you can recognize a business by sharing your personal experience with us!  We want to hear about those businesses and companies who go the extra mile or take that extra step to make a difference!  Visit giddyNEWS and select giddySTORIES to share the good news!